Changing Your Landscape? Rent A Dumpster To Remove Yard Waste

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As a homeowner, you can work on your property to make it more suitable and enjoyable to live in with your family. Working on the landscape is worthwhile because you can make noteworthy additions and improvements until your household is satisfied with the front yard and backyard.

Whether you work on landscape projects or hire professionals, you will find great value in renting a dumpster to remove most or all the yard waste.

Drop-Off Location

Figuring out the ideal drop-off location is important because you want quick and easy access to the dumpster. In most cases, you will want to prioritize the driveway. You can get extra specific by requesting the driver drop off the dumpster as close to the garage door as possible. This setup will minimize the distance you need to walk while going to and from the backyard.

Another tip is to position the dumpster closest to the path on the side of the house. Each step you reduce will save you time and physical energy while working on your landscape.

Dumpster Size

Renting an undersized dumpster for your landscape project can complicate things in several ways. For instance, you may try to overfill the dumpster and have to remove some yard waste for safe pickup. Another possibility is needing another rental drop-off and pickup. A bright plan is to analyze everything you want to work on with the landscape to determine the correct size.

While you can visualize most things above ground, you also want to consider underground tree roots. Whether you do your tree removal or get help, you can ask professionals about the expected size and length of tree roots while gathering information.

At the same time, you want to figure out how much dirt you plan to remove. A great way to figure this out is by removing dirt from an area until you are satisfied with the depth. Then, you can use this as a guide to determine how much dirt will need to go into the dumpster.


Dirt, grass, and leaves can easily fly out of an uncovered dumpster. Keeping the dumpster on your property for a weekend or even a whole week comes with a risk of losing yard waste. You can keep this from happening by picking up a large tarp or two to cover the entire surface.

Rent a dumpster using these tips for an ideal experience with removing yard waste. Contact a local dumpster rental service to explore your options today.

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