Let a Furniture Removal Company Get Rid of Your Junk Furniture and Save You from Heavy Lifting

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If you're cleaning out the home of an elderly loved one after they passed away or moved to a nursing home, you may have a lot of furniture to get rid of. The furniture may be old and not in good enough shape to sell, and if so, you'll need a way to dispose of it. A good solution is to hire a junk furniture removal company. Here's a look at how the furniture removal process might work.

Get An Estimate

When you call for an appointment, let the company know approximately how much furniture you have to move and the type. A junk removal company often charges by the amount of space taken up on their truck, so they'll want to know about large pieces, such as sofas and big easy chairs.

They might give you a rough estimate of cost over the phone, but when the crew comes to your home, they'll look over the furniture and give you a more accurate quote.

Sort Through The Furniture First

It's a good idea to look through the furniture to make sure none of the pieces are valuable antiques you might want to save. You'll also want empty drawers and look under cushions for items your relative may have stashed away.

You won't have to worry about dismantling furniture since the furniture removal crew will do that if it's necessary. Be sure to round up all the furniture you want to throw out including lawn furniture and pieces that might be stashed in the attic.

Let The Crew Do The Work

An advantage of working with a junk removal company over renting a dumpster is that the company does all of the work. Let them know what pieces you want to be gone, and they'll carry them to the truck for you. That saves you from lifting heavy furniture and carrying it down steps.

Plus, the furniture removal crew has hand trucks and other equipment needed to make moving heavy furniture easier. Another good thing about working with a junk removal company over renting a dumpster is that the junk will all be gone at the end of the day. You won't have a big dumpster sitting in your driveway for days on end.

Instead, the truck arrives, the crew fills it with the furniture you want to be removed, and the job is finished the same day. If you have a lot of stuff, the truck may come back the next day, but you won't have to worry about a lot of furniture left piled in your yard since it's removed from your home as it's placed on the truck.

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