3 Tips To Maximize Garbage Capacity In A Dumpster Rental

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While changing your home and working on projects, you may find that your trash bin does not provide enough space to throw everything away. Renting a dumpster can solve this problem because you can choose from various sizes to satisfy your garbage needs. A clever way to improve your experience is by maximizing garbage capacity through several strategies.


Before putting anything into a dumpster, you want to invest in thorough disassembly. Breaking down all furniture and items into smaller pieces will help you fit more inside. Keeping this in mind when you get your dumpster will help you maximize garbage capacity with your rental.

Since you are throwing things away, you do not have to worry much about disassembling items in the proper way. An excellent example is when you find it tough to remove a leg from an old and damaged table. While you could throw it in the dumpster with a single leg attached, you can enjoy a better solution in breaking the leg off to minimize how much space the table uses.


When remodeling your home, you may put extensive time and effort into demolition. Common features to demolish include flooring, walls, cabinets, doors, and windows. These features can take up a ton of space when you do the bare minimum to remove them from your home. A smart move is to break them down into many small pieces to fit into a dumpster easily.

A door might fit well into a dumpster when it is the first thing you put inside. But after using the dumpster for a while, you may notice that a door sticks out and takes up a lot of space. This makes it important to demolish the door into smaller parts to fit inside better.


Another way to maximize garbage capacity is by looking for excellent accessibility with your dumpster rental. For instance, you can pick a dumpster with shallow sides, allowing you to easily reach inside to move things around and make more room for other debris.

Some dumpsters also have a door that allows you to step inside, which can help with organization. Filling up the area away from the door will make it easy to step into the dumpster to organize the trash inside in a strategic way that helps you maximize garbage capacity.

Use these tips when renting a dumpster to use every bit of space inside.

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